Nutraceuticals Low Calorie

Due to its high-intensity sweetness and accessibility, Stevia has found its usage in many food and beverage products. Kala Biotech, one of the superior manufacturers for drinks based on Stevia instead of sugar has witnessed a growing number of food production companies who are in favor of using Stevia as a natural sweetener rather than sugar.

Stevia Vs. Sugar

As per the reports, the use of Stevia in food products including juice, drinks, dairy, and confectionery as a substitute for sugar has marked a 16% increase in 2017. Both sugar and Stevia are derived from natural resources. Substituting sugar by Stevia can help consumers reduce their calorie intake and ultimately fight obesity and obesity-related health concerns.
Kala Biotech has been manufacturing and producing food & beverage products with Stevia as its natural sweetener instead of sugar.

Why Choose Kala Biotech?

Our standard quality products and streamlined business activities have won us the top position in the market. Whether you have an urgent need or bulk requirement, we are always ready to go a few extra miles to meet our client’s expectations from our company.
Our experts and state of the art infrastructure facility ensure the entire food products are packed hygienically using a moisture-proof packaging material. At Kala Biotech, our quality control unit is checked comprehensively and upgraded to meet industry standards and health standards.