Spathiphyllum is a genus of about 40 species of monocotyledonous flowering plants in the family Araceae. Certain species of Spathiphyllum are commonly known as Spath or Peace Lilies.

Agro Climate :

High cold and hot temperatures can damage the plant. Spathiphyllum grows best in the moist climate, which is neither too hot nor too cold. The ideal temperature for growing is 60-85 degree Fahrenheit. They are shade-loving plants in their native habitats, and in the home, they prefer light to moderate shade. Some varieties can withstand more light.

Soil :

They grow well in moist but well-draining, fibrous soil. These plants like rich, loose potting soil containing plenty of organic material.


The orchid plant is considered as the most beautiful flowering plants for its exquisite beauty, variety of fragrance, mesmerizing colours, unusual shapes, and impressive growth habits. Globally, there are 24,000 species and 32,000 hybrids of orchid.

In India, the trend of developing new hybrid orchids and commercial production of cut flowers in orchids is growing fast-paced. Due to its diversity in environmental conditions, we can produce all kinds of orchids by controlling the environmental setup.

Agro Climate :

The Orchids grows best in a warm climatic condition where the temperature ranges from 65-85°F. The atmospheric humidity should not be less than 30% at night and 70-80% during the day.


Gerbera is an ornamental flower and is globally known as “African Daisy” or “Transwal Daisy”. India has the most excellent commercial value for Gerbera due to its premium usage as decor in weddings, parties, events, and bouquet. Its wide yielding hybrid varieties include Ruby Red, Panama, Doni, Fullmoon, Goliath, Orange Classic, Rosalin, Salvadore, Dalma, Winter Queen, White Maria, BlackJack, Pink Elegance, Marmara, and much more.

Agro Climate :

The Gerbera flowers are highly sensitive to frost conditions. Therefore, at Kala Biotech, we cultivate them at optimal day temperatures of 20°C to 25°C and nightly temperatures of 12°C to 15°C. The Gerbera plants propagate commercially through suckers and tissue culture methods.


It is a tropical ornamental plant with over 700 species. The word Anthurium comes from the Greek word “Anthos” meaning “Flower” and “Aura” meaning “Tail” which refers to the Spadix — in the past few decades, growing Anthurium as the cut flower has gained popularity in India and has become an important export-oriented crop.

Agro Climate :

The Anthurium flowers need moderate to humid temperature to attain an ideal growth. Its increasing temperature should range from 27-30°C in the daytime and 10-20°C at night time. The Anthurium flowers are hard to cultivate in a tropical climate. Therefore, at Kala Biotech, we grow the flowering plants in an artificial set up to offer them an excellent physical and climatic condition for its ideal growth and development.